Tanning Salon in Sugar Land, Texas

Attractive woman tanning at solarium - Bed Tanning in Sugar Land, TX
Get the sun kissed tan and glow you've been wanting with the help of Tan Masters. We offer tanning solutions to get your skin ready for summer and keep it beautifully tanned and bronze even through the fall and winter. We offer bed tanning as well as airbrush tanning for those who prefer to stay away for the UV rays.

Bed Tanning

Sunbeds are a great way to get a tan quickly. Choose the level that suits your needs and get the summer glow you've been dreaming of, without hitting the beach. Here at Tan Masters, we understand that everyone's tan needs are different. That's why our sunbeds allow you to tailor your tanning experience to your specific and unique desires. We are proud to use the latest technology in the industry.

15-Minute Bed Tanning

The 15-minute tans are our favorite and most recommended sunbeds. Our super beds, as the name implies, are bigger in size and producing more UVA rays, giving you the perfect and long-lasting tan.
Tanning Skin Treatment - Bed Tanning in Sugar Land, TX

Airbrush Tanning

If you're not crazy about being exposed to the UV rays, then airbrush tanning is perfect for you. In just under 20 minutes, you can get the same quality tan to keep your skin glowing.

Why Airbrush Tanning?

  • Get tan skin in just 15 minutes
  • Dries super fast
  • Airbrush tanning is non-sticky
  • Chose from 4 custom blended shades
  • You'll get the gorgeous skin color you've been wanting
  • Convenience - you can have it done at the salon, home, or work
Spraying Bodypaint - Airbrush Tanning in Sugar Land, TX
Spraying Tan Bodypaint - Airbrush Tanning in Sugar Land, TX
Are you ready for a luxurious tanning experience? Visit our salon in Sugar Land, Texas and keep your bronze skin year round.