Tan Masters II - When the beach is out of reach!
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***Laser Like Lipo**** 
***Red Light Therapy***
We are still remodeling and preparing for our new equipment

If you clicked here to find out more information, we have some if you click on a button to the left or read below. 

To get more information or set up  a free consultation give Sarah a call at 281-743-1450
or 281-494-8822
it's 5/18/2017

We plan to start sessions by 5/24/2107 but have a great pre-sale going on for the first 30 Spots.

we will be updating the website soon

***This is not old Laser-Lipo that has limited coverage and can possibly burn you or damage the Retina.

***This is not Coolsculpting that kills the fat cell causing pain and lumpy appearance.

***This is not Lipo-Suction that Removes Fat Cells causing pain and uneven fat distribution if you were not to stick to a new diet 

***THIS IS***
Laser-Like -Lipo (Latest Technology) that opens the Fact Cell releasing Free Fatty Acid, Glycerol and Water into the Lymphatic System to be eliminated and Shrinking the Fat Cell along with tightening the Skin and producing Collagen with the only side affect that you will look slimmer.

Think "Fat Burning Mode"
Spend 17-37 minutes per visit with us and lose inches
Get more results from your workouts afterwards.

Either way beats doing nothing and or old methods you have tried before with no results...

Thanks for taking tme to visit our website!
We hope you will JOIN US.....
You will love being a client at our salon!
We have been in business for over 20 years and take pride in customer service and in assuring our clients leave with smiles on their face and a beautiful tan.
 Come see why other salons PALE in comparison!
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