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***Laser Like Lipo**** 
***Red Light Therapy***
We are still remodeling and introducing our new equipment

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We are excited to move in a new direction adding new services for customers and neighbors

***This is not old Laser-Lipo that has limited coverage and can possibly burn you or damage the Retina.

***This is not Cool-sculpting that kills the fat cell causing pain and lumpy appearance and uneven fat distribution if you were not to stick to a new diet. 

***This is not Lipo-Suction that Removes Fat Cells causing pain and uneven fat distribution if you were not to stick to a new diet 

***THIS IS***
Laser-Like -Lipo (Latest Technology) that opens the Fat Cell releasing Free Fatty Acid, Glycerol and Water into the Lymphatic System.
Combined with 15 Minutes of Vibration Therapy/ Exercise
our machine will help flush out your Lymphatic system.
Our "Vevazz System" promotes shrinking of the Fat Cells along with tightening the Skin and producing Collagen with the only side affect that you will look slimmer.

Think "Fat Burning Mode"
Spend 17-37 minutes per visit with us and lose inches
Get more results from your workouts afterwards.

By around age 20 you have a certian number of fat cells. After that they simply get bigger or smaller. For most people they get bigger...

While Lipo-Suction and Cool-Scuplting eliminate fat cells in the areas treated, it is often times painful, requires recovery time and does not have a smooth or uniform appearance left behind. If you do not maintain a new regimen of diet and exercise, you will not get fat in the treated areas but will gain size in other areas where there are still fat cells.
This will lead to a deformed appearance or the need for further operations to correct the new problem areas. 

We have been in business for over 20 years and take pride in customer service and in assuring our clients leave with smiles on their face and a beautiful tan.
 Come see why other salons PALE in comparison!

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